Coated with a light, savory and crispy breading that cooks to an appealing golden brown.


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Wingstop has 11. House Chickens in Our Warm, Inviting Coops. Pieces will be wrapped to your specifications in butcher paper.

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Our value proposition is validated by our least-cost processing capabilities and ability to rapidly adapt to our customers changing needs.

. From April to October we provide fresh chicken every Thursday morning in addition to the frozen chicken available throughout the week.

THIGHS (per case) Fryers may be split in half - or - cut into drums, thighs, wings, & breasts. House Chickens in Our Warm, Inviting Coops.

Jun 15, 2021 Pluckers Wing Bar said in an email they are increasing bone-in wing prices by 2 for every five wings due to a nationwide chicken wing shortage thats driving up wholesale prices.
Perfect foundation for coating in your own signature sauce.
We carry various poultry supplies, such as chicken coops that keep your animals warm and cozy, supplements to keep them healthy, feeders and waterers to keep them well-fed and watered, as well as fences and coops to keep them safer.

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40 lbs. Note From Supplier. .

. . Brakebush Cayenne Kicker 5 lb. chicken wings are all sold whole and specific parts are also sold, depending on the kind of cooking they are intended for. .

Ships refrigerated.

From 67. Quality Assurance is emphasized each and every day in our plant and warehouses.

Today, our wings come from Brazil and Holland, which offers the best consistency in size as well as tenderness.

We wholesale the following products chicken grillers, chicken leg quarters, chicken wings (3 joints, pipistrello cut), chicken backs, boned thighs and chicken breast, chicken feet (washed or processed), chicken innards, such as heart, liver, gizzards and mechanically separated meat (MDM).

At Jasa Sly Enterprise ALS Fresh Poultry, we pride ourselves on our farm-to-table approach to wholesale chicken.

Perfect size for a tasty, finger food appetizer.

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